Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Long and tired project

This is what i did recently..
I'm not lazy!!
There are too many works recently...Cannot breath at all..
Project and project and test and time for blogging..
I think most of my course mate having the same sleep, no bath(not me) and no entertainment...Some how, I still need to 'enjoy' this kind of life..for 2 1/2 years.
Just finish the structure test today, feel release for one day..haiz...
Let see, I always enjoy to do handicraft, graphic design, painting and so on...But unfortunately, all my hobbies are gone..GONE..
Now, looking at the plan, section and elevation, just want to vomit...
I need a vacation with my friends, girl friends and family..
Just want to take a rest.....

Monday, October 20, 2008

謝安琪 囍帖街 LYRICS

作曲/編曲: Eric Kwok 作詞: 黃偉文

忘掉種過的花 重新的出發 放棄理想吧
別再看 塵封的喜帖 你正在要搬家
築得起 人應該接受 都有日倒下
其實沒有一種安穩快樂 永遠也不差

就似這一區 曾經稱得上 美滿甲天下
但霎眼 全街的單位 快要住滿烏鴉
好景不會每日常在 天梯不可只往上爬
愛的人 沒有一生一世嗎 大概不需要害怕

忘掉愛過的他 當初的喜帖金箔印著那位他
裱起婚紗照那道牆及一切美麗舊年華 明日同步拆下

忘掉有過的家 小餐枱沙發雪櫃及兩份紅茶
溫馨的光境不過借出到期拿回嗎 等不到下一代 是嗎

忘掉砌過的沙 回憶的堡壘 剎那已倒下
面對這 墳起的荒土 你註定學會瀟灑
階磚不會拒絕磨蝕 窗花不可幽禁落霞
有感情 就會一生一世嗎 又再惋惜有用嗎

忘掉愛過的他 當初的喜帖金箔印著那位他
裱起婚紗照那道牆及一切美麗舊年華 明日同步拆下

Monday, October 13, 2008

Thank you Nuffnang

Yippi..Just received the cheque from Nuffnang. Thank you