Thursday, May 29, 2008


Surprise!! I'm not a girl...

Let me introduce my book first, I received this book since form 5. Between, this is my drawing competition's present..Yea..

In this book, Stella Edwards presents the embroiderer with a stunning collection of 20 needlepoint cushions in varying shapes and size.
This book also opens with comprehensive section on materials, basic stitch techniques and making-up instruction.
Good for the beginner like me...hehe

In this book, I found out a very interesting design.. called William Morris Cushion
This design was inspired by one of William Morris' most popular textile design, Strawberry Thief, printed in about 1883.
William Morris was a poet, painter, philanthropist and designer who died in 1896. Virtually single-handedly he changed British taste from the dark clutter of the Victorian period to the fresh, flowing lines of the Arts and crafts movement which then evolved into the Art Nouveau style.
He was very much against the use of the crude chemical dyes of the time and experimented with historic dyes to create the strong, subtle and resonant colours that are now associated with William Morris- especially the colour indigo which took him a decade to perfect.

Between, I just need to follow the chart to work the design. Starting from the middle, use half cross stitch throughout.

This is my fovourite color combination. Actually I din't follow the exactly the colour codes that shown in the book.

This is the part that I spend most of the time and this is the time that train my patience.
Remember: press the embroidery on the back with a hot steam iron over a damp cloth and gently pull it back into shape.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Bandar Mahkota Cheras Saga

Cheras saga continues- toll operator vows to rebuild the concrete barricade to block a toll-free access road to the Cheras-Kajang Highway in Bandar Mahkota Cheras.

Notice is hereby given that the company will be constructing the barricade this week,” said Grand Saga’s executive director Zainal Abidin Ali in a terse press statement.

Honestly, I'm the resident of Bandar Mahkota Cheras. This news is **** to me...seriously.. I'm so disappointed. Since the BMC area is part of state land, Selangor goverment had questioned Grand Saga's right in erecting the barrier.

I suffer for 2 years. Try to imagine I have to take one and a half hour bus's journey to KL everyday..( not include waiting time- mostly one hour or more..). That is impossible for us stay in BMC without home car.. Even though we have the car, but we need to pay for two tolls everyday in order to work in KL. Let me show the calculation -
0.9 + 1.00= 1.9
1.9 x 2 = 3.8 (per day)
3.8 x 30days = RM 114 (per car)

Without the toll in BMC
RM 1.00
1.00 x 2 = 2.00 (per day)
2.00 x 30days=RM 60

RM114-RM 60= RM54!

Grand Saga mention before, if we want to use that road, they will build a toll on that road. THIS WILL BECOME THE FIRST CASE that a Taman has a toll in the entrance. I just wonder where is the human right.

Zainal Abidin said the court, in throwing out the injunction, had noted that Grand Saga has the right to build a barricade “within its indisputable concession area”.

“Members of the public are advised to respect the decision of the court,” he warned.

I really hope that this case will be settle soon... Don't be childish to saying something useless.

The important of Milk

I found a very interesting advertisement - Got Milk?

I think one of my friend will like this photo...hehe

Don't shout to0 loud

Technology At Its Best

F1 car is made up of 80,000 components, if it were assembled 99.9% corectly, it would still start the race with 80 things wrong!

When an F1 driver hits the brakes on his car, he will experience retardation or deceleration comparable to a regular car driving through a BRICK wall at 300kmph!

F1 car can go from 0 to 160 kph and back to 0 in four second!

An average F1 driver looses about 4kg of weight after just one race due to the prolonged exposure to high G forces and temperature for little over an hour.

The refuelers used in F1 can supply 12 liters of fuel per second. This means it would take 4 seconds to fill the tank of an average 50 liter family car.

This is not a magic. It just simply a power of human imagination!

Rendering for competition again?

This is my initial rendering, i think i need to add more detailing in order to enhance the building. Any comment?

My new laptop

Finally, I have my own laptop. Before this, Jimmy accompany with me and went to low yat to do some surveying. Actually, I have no idea how to start and choose the most suitable laptop. Fortunately, Jimmy helps me a lot. Thanks ya..hehe

I search some of the model in the Internet already, i think Dell is my first choice. But, if there is a more suitable brand, then it will become one of my consideration also.

Below are some of the model that I took with my camera during the surveying.....Both of this also not bad but I prefer the Dell inspiron 1420. The spec and the aesthetic value of that model actually almost fulfill my requirement...sounds like doing project. But I'm looking for a wider screen.

Nowadays, everyone can buy a good laptop with a low price.

If I buy this model, it will cost me RM2800.

Finally, I bought my laptop yesterday..Yeah.. This model is Dell inspiron i1525..almost same with inpiron 1420 but with a wider screen and higher spec. Let me introduce my laptop..
Intel Centrino Core 2 Duo (T5750) 2.0 GHz
160Gb Hard disk Drive
15.4" screen..haha
Webcam, Bluetooth,DVD RW, Card reader, Wireless, McAfree 15 months, 3 years warrantly, A bag worth RM300, and remote control.

The whole package is RM2999. the most special about Dell laptop is the color of the design and it also can use the mobile phone's sim card to online ( overseas only).

Yea...This is my green apple color laptop. I will bring my laptop to Negeri Sembilan and doing my measure drawing.

This is the design of the keyboard and 15.4" wide screen.

Let me tell you why I choose spring green....
Black: Too bored and normal
White: Too easy to get dirt
Chocolate and Yellow: Out of stock ( So weird....shitty color out of stock)
Dark blue: Same as Black color
Red and Pink: Too sissy...
Spring green: My last choice...Haha...actually no bad la...

Friday, May 23, 2008

Pulau Batu Puteh.....

From malaysiakini,

Batu Puteh goes to Singapore
May 23, 08
The International Court of Justice has decided in favour of Singapore in a 28-year sovereignty dispute with Malaysia over Pulau Batu Puteh- a tiny but strategic uninhabited island the size of half a football field. This is a win-win situation where Singapore obtain the Pedra Branca (Pulau Batu Puteh) and Malaysia obtained Middle Rock (Terumbu Karang Tengah) and South Ledge (Terumbu Karang Selatan).
The history: The island first appeared in navigational records as early as 1583. Dutch voyager Johann van Linschoten then recorded that Pedra Branca is " where ships that come and go to and from China pass in great danger and some are left upon it". The rock get their name from years of accumulated bird droppings which hardened upon the rock.
Operation of Lighthouse

The Lead counsel said that the purpose for the construction and operation of the light house was for naval navigation and safety instead of evidence of sovereignty. He further added that when the British built the light house, they had no intention of claiming the island but to form the Straits Light system at that time. The Malaysian team asserted that Great Britain operated the light house with the consent of Johor. On top of that, Singaporean activities on the islands are only relevant to the operation and well being of the light house. Singapore is said to be the sole administrator of the light house.

The Lead counsel added that British activities on the light house were carried out as the operator of the light house, although Singapore claims that Britain was exercising state function of the islands. He further added that construction and operation of light houses worldwide by Britain were never considered as acts of establishing sovereignty by Britain. Britain asked permission from the Sultan and Temenggong of Johor for the construction of the light house, strengthening the notion that Britain's interest in the light house concerned maritime safety, not the establishment of sovereignty.

In my opinion,
I think this is a good news for both country. Each country should use this island wisely.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Temporary House in Sichuan

Since the newspaper is in chinese, so let me simply explain the construction of this temporary building.
The size of the the house is 20X10X8 feet. The area of the building is 200 feet square. Each house has individual window, water and electrical supply.
Each wall is 3 inch thick with 2 layers of fire fighting board.
Interlocking system is used to fix the walls together.
Since the wall is lighter and the material of the wall is soft, hence if the earthquake occur again, victim can easily remove the wall.

My music

Music.. Starting from secondary school, I learn some music instrument already. I joined many school activities that time, but chinese orchestra is my favourite society. In that society, I learn a music instrument called Erhu ( chinese violin).

Not only that, I also learn cello and double bass as well. That is my great experience and it will always imprint in my memory. I still remember my friends and I joined the competition last time. Eventhough we never won the prize before but the most important is the co-operation between our members.

After I enter university, I lost my way... What should I join in order to continue my favourite hobby. Until this semester, I joined the orchestra for my co-curriculum. I learn saxophone this time. At the same time, I learn violin with my roommate- jimmy also.

At the end of the semester, I was invited to join the U-team orchestra. For sure, I will start my pratice next semester. Haha..I will continue to learn saxophone anyway.. But the price for a saxophone is too expensive. Im not afford to buy it...haha.. I hope the society got extra tenor saxophone la....

This is the Erhu ( chinese violin ). I took the grade 4 test before. Really fun.

Harmonica also one of the music instrument that I learn during my secondary school. Harmonica is one the good instrument that can control our respiration system( inhale and exhale).

This is the violin that borrowed from my lecturer.
This is a keyboard that my sister bought. She learn it one year ago. Between, I learn two songs already.

My Latest Rendering

This is my last project rendering. Same thing, I'm using VUE software- my favourite rendering software so far. This is a health centre where the site is in Taman Univerity (a place near my campus). The function of this building quite weird...which is consist of some exhaust pipe to absorb the polluted air at that site, filter it and release the fresh air to the health centre and the site again. Anyway, this is my abnormal building so far.

Besides VUE rendering software, there is one rendering method which is more simple and easy.
The rendering is done by skectch up plugin- V-ray.

Besides that, photoshop is an important software to modify the rendering. In my experience, i always adjust the brightness and saturation. If someone like to do rendering, don't miss this competition.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Sister's Album

Finally, my sister allowed me to put her photo in my blog. Actually she has almost 100++ photo in my computer, but I only choose some of them. She likes the 1st photo very much and she has a large one in her room.

Actual fact, I look exactly different from my sister. Most of the people will say why my sister looks pretty and the opposite reflect on my face. (no handsome enough). But, who cares..haha.
Some of the chinese will say " Daughter should more prettier than mother, Son should more clever than father.

I modified some of the photo and make it more dramatic.

An Egyptian style? Very photogenic.

Actually, I like this photo very much..Maybe she looks more graceful in this photo.

In fact, she is my good sister. She 'sponsor' and contribute a lot of things in family. Sometimes, she solve my financial problem also..Hehe. Thanks.. my lovely sister.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sichuan, quake shakes faith in school construction

This is the latest picture that I found in chinese newspaper. This picture is about the lousy construction in Sichuan.

Part of a school building remains standing in the earthquake-affected Yingxiu town in Wenchuan county, Sichuan province

A schoolbag is seen next to the remains of a student victim who was killed when a school collapsed

"If this was a decent building, my daughter wouldn't have died," said Li Yan, holding a handful of dusty rubble.

I was quite disappointed when I'm reading this news. This kind of construction sacrify 200 innocent children in a primary school in Sichuan province.

This is a report from CNN:
Brian Tucker, a seismologist with the California nonprofit Geohazards International, said a civil engineer in China told him that the country has no centralized, uniform code for earthquake-resistant public buildings such as schools or hospitals. The size of the fallen beams and columns pictured in video of the disaster appear inadequate to the task, he said.

Thin, bendable wire is the only evidence of rebar, the material that holds concrete structures together. Generally speaking, the less steel in a concrete building, the less strength it has to withstand movement.

"Some of the columns that are broken have exposed rebar that is not tied together essentially with horizontal bands, which makes sure the rebar stays attached to each other and to the concrete," Tucker said.

Reginald DesRoches, a civil engineering professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, said the collapse of schools was surprising, since they typically are built to tougher standards.

But he said many of the buildings that fell were built before 1976, when an earthquake that killed 250,000 people spurred Chinese authorities to require earthquake-resistant construction for many buildings.

According to China's state-run media, government officials have promised to find out why nearly 7,000 school buildings collapsed during last Monday's earthquake, which measured between 7.9 and 8.0 in magnitude.

A spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in Washington said Friday that, based on what he has heard, the quality of construction in the earthquake zone exceeded the nation's building standards for southwestern China, given the strength of the hit.

However, Wang Baodong added that "relevant investigations will be conducted at the appropriate time."

Wrenching scenes of survivors being dug out of collapsed schools and apartments after the May 12 earthquake suggest widespread disregard for building codes in the rapidly urbanizing region, according to several civil engineers who spoke to CNN.

Monday, May 19, 2008


This is a layout that I did before my birthday. There is a meaning of this picture and also represent my wish for my 2008 birthday.

Thanks for all the friends that called me that day. Actually I'm quite touch when i received a call from my form 5 friends. I feel sorry for them because I cannot remember even one of the date of their birthday. They are my true friends. No secret and no hypocrite.

I spend the my whole afternoon in one of the restaurant and sharing our stories. Most of them have a career already while I'm still study 'hard' and fight for the stupid 'result'. But, seriously, i never regret of studying this course-architecture. I learn so much and have a great time with some friends that come from different state with various culture.

At the same, I lost the time. The time for my favourite activity- drawing. I joined a lot of drawing competition since I was young but normally there is not much of prize that I won before.
Honestly, I'm still love to draw. These are some of my artwork - between form 5 and form 6.

I like this animate so much... Sailormoon. Don't know why...
I think i will send this drawing to my friend that get marry soon...Haha..Congratulation.

This is favourite artwork so far... This is the first animate that help me memorise all the name of the planets...

A sketch