Sunday, May 31, 2009

The car model is download from internet. Have a try with the material and lighting effect this time.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bitmap reflection

3ds max getting more and more interesting. This is the next try for the material. I play around with the fake reflection and lighting.

Friday, May 15, 2009

My next lesson for 3ds max rendering..

A sphere with a clay wireframe material

A simple teapot, but took me some time to do the setting. I never imagine that the plan can render until so nice.

It is my second tried on mental-ray and show casting tutorial. I hope next week week can able to render in a proper interior with a nice furniture...

My Internship......

AJM, Akitek Jururancang malaysia, this is the place where I having my internship.
What I can say about this firm is......too ambitious..
For the first week, I just need to do is finish the detailing for the palace in Perlis. So, I spend my two weeks time on doing the detailing. Of course, I learn a lot within this two week.
Since this is a big firm, so I dint expect to do design....and hopefully can go though this intern easily......
This week is crazy...I cannot do so many things la...
First- design a Hotel with Alhambra Palace Concept..??? What the hell...
Second- Proposed and finish the working drawing for a high rise building (Parcel K)
Parcel K is just one of the high rise in Perkeliling riverside project..Can you imagine stil have Parcel A, Parcel B,..........until Parcel X..
They start to do this project since 1997....??
I thought this one is too much already...
Suddenly, add one more project in Makkasar, Bangkok.. an urban project again...
pengsan......I just finished to trace the map in autocad...
Anyway, my colleague even from Monday to Sunday...Pity for her...
So, I still enjoying actually..hahahaha more thing, 2 more competition.....Smile
All the best to all my friends that having internship also....

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Evolo competition

Some of the winner from evolo competition2009
Have a look...very impress

This is the 1st prize winner for the competition.

3ds max- texture

This is my first try on modeling and rendering using 3ds max. 3ds max rendering option is over control, it can be anything. The most important tool to master 3ds max is by creativity.
Even though there are some high end option where it is hard to explore, but I will try and learn it one by one.

This is a simple rendering. I try to explore the steel texture, wireframe and clay wireframe..
It is interesting anyway..