Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Frame from Holcim Award

Finally, I got the frame from David Yeoh today. David Yeoh is the managing editor from the star newspaper. He helped us and took the frame from India few weeks ago.
We are really appreciate for it.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra.

Yea.. I went to Malaysia philharmonic orchestra yesterday. This is my first time went to KLCC concert hall. Thank you Marc for the special seat.
In my first impression, the environment in the concert hall is surprisingly comfortable. The lighting effect on the ceiling create a romantic feel.
This time, the concert is conduct by Paul Goodwin with the flute soloist by Hitsto Dobrinov.
The whole programme consists of four classical songs which is Suite from Les Boreades, Flute Concerto in D minor, Suite from Semiramis and Symphony No. 99 in E flat.

The environment in the orchestra hall.
The handsome conductor.
Even though the songs are quite boring, but I'm really enjoy with the beauty of the sounds produce by the cello and flute.
The most interesting part of this concert is the timpani. The body language of the musician is really fantastic. Anyway, he has the most easy task in the whole concert.
For those who is interested for the classical music, this will be a great experience in KLCC.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Holcim Award

Sorry for no posting recently.
Finally, I came back from India. This is my incredible experience so far.
Anyway, I still waiting all the nice photo from my friends.
The story start from the Holcim competition.
The Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction was created to raise international awareness of the important role that architecture, engineering and construction have in helping to achieve a more sustainable future.

With this in mind, the Holcim Foundation’s primary objective has been to select and support a range of initiatives that extend beyond technical solutions to creating sustainable construction outcomes which embrace architectural excellence and enhanced quality of life.

Well..Chin Keng, Steven, Chee Seng, Tee Yau and I took part in the Holcim architecture sustainable construction competition in this April. We spend around 4 days to complete the whole project. Everything is worth when we received the e-mail from holcim.

We had been informed that our project is one of of the winning project and the most interesting part for this moment is that we have to go to India and received the award.
I was just like dreaming....
Thank you Ar. Hong. The mentor for tree savior.
Here is the website for our winning project.

Anyway, I would like to upload our project here..
Concept sheet for the tree savior.
These are the rendering by using VUE rendering software.Ps: All of this art works have copyright.