Monday, June 20, 2011

Haiti Housing Collaborative Competition: Updated

Regarding to the Haiti housing competition, everything is on the move right now. The most excited moment is Manfred and his firm is preparing all the construction drawings right now. The second fundraising event will be held on 22nd September which is so near to my convocation..I can’t wait to earn money and fly to USA.

This is the email that I would like to share if anyone loves to donate for this event.

“• At the January 12 event we were able to raise about $21,000; the next
fundraiser is scheduled for September 22, 2001. In addition, we have
commitments from the International University Center Haiti to build one of
each of our four designs, the first already funded as a Community Center for
orphaned and abandoned children for Orphans International Worldwide (OIWW)
• We are searching for additional sites in the town of Petite Goâve and are
in communication with C2C (Community to Community) a 501(c)3 organization
towards that end.

• We have translated the descriptions of each board into French. Two weeks
ago, one of our board members went to Haiti and presented them in Petite
Goâve for feedback from the community. "

Hereby is the website:

Currently, I am busy with my working permit in Singapore and doing model for design 4 (mainly for the fundraiser in New York).

Design 4: A combination of my design with others design strategy during the second stage of competition.

My final Semester

Yes, I am going to graduate in this coming September. After 5 years of Unilife, I have to face with the real world now. However, I guess I did my best in my thesis year. All my hard work is worth in this moment (especially during the CAAEM).

By the way, thank you to my beloved 38 group….U all are so amazing. Without friends, I think I couldn’t be so strong to go through so many crit and challenge. Eventhough sometime I might be very stubborn and weird in term of my thinking and behavior, but I know this is very subjective. And you know what- this is choon wah.. and u guys would never forget me..hahaha..

Special thanks to my roommate as well.

Well, this is my thesis. Nothing much. Just continue all the researches from 1st stage. Finally, the design is done with different layers of thought and experiment the impossible. This process is tough, but once you go through, there will be a goal on what you want to achieve. The lacking of this entire thesis is the physical model! I love to do it, but it is really hard in term of “construction”..Seriously..I believe my building is not going to work in the real practice. lol

Thank you Prof. Tajuddin gave me such an opportunity and supportive comment during my thesis year. Including En.Halim and Dr,Tareef