Monday, August 17, 2009

Quite a long time

What I did recently?

i. Final Submission for competition

ii. Learning Rhino Grasshopper…….

iii. Doing Studio works………….

iv. Lepak around…..left 4 dead

v. Finally, lazy to blog…………..

I just feel want to take a break for one semester. Doing something that I really enjoy…

i. Listen classical music for whole day

ii. Attend a software lesson from AA

Unlike the studio life in UTM, lousy lecturer, boring presentation, brainless input.. I do not know how UTM become the top 10 university in Southeast Asia. Depends on the foreign students? Lousy facility and food?

Yes, base on the ‘protected group’..

Base on the musician that always make noise in the early morning in my hostel…stupid milo..

When I saw the milo graduate, I just wonder how they can survive in the society nowadays..and furthermore, I should say they are rich enough to take care their ‘Dusun Durian’ after graduate. OMG..

Really frustrated in local university..