Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Truth....University is just wasting time, wasting money..

If you want to get rich and famous, don't go to the university. It is just a provocation but the list of "15 successful entrepreneurs who didn’t need college" that a blogger compiled, is quite interesting: Mary Kay Ash (cosmetics), Richard Branson (Virgin brand), Coco Chanel (fashion designer), Simon Cowell (xecutive for Sony BMG), Michael Dell (Pc), Barry Diller (Fox Broadcasting Company), Walt Disney (animator), Debbi Fields (Mrs. Field’s Cookies), Henry Ford (auto making industry), Bill Gates (Microsoft), Milton Hershey (chocolate company), Steve Jobs (Apple), Rachel Ray (food industry), Ty Warner (owner, CEO, and Chairman of Ty, Inc.), Frank Lloyd Wright (architect).

In regard of Frank Lloyd Wright, he never attended high school and was admitted to the University of Wisconsin as a special student in 1885. He left the University two years later, without taking a degree. Even though he never graduated, in 1931 Frank and Olgivanna Lloyd Wright announced the plan to form their own school at Taliesin in Spring Green, Wisconsin to "Learn by Doing: "Education at Taliesin would emphasize painting, sculpture, music, drama, and dance "in their places as divisions of architecture." The school is prestigious and famous but I'm not so sure that F.L. Wright would have graduated there or to any other school. In 1955 he was granted an honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin

We can find another example in Italy. Carlo Scarpa, one of the most important architects of the twentieth century and a life-long interest in the organic architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, was not permitted to practice architecture because he was graduated from a non-professional program. His clients, associates, craftspersons called him "Professore," rather than "architetto."
One of the most famous contemporary architects, Tadao Ando, was deeply influenced by Scarpa's building, so sensitive to the changes of time, and by his profound understanding of materials. Tadao Ando, never graduated, worked as a truck driver and boxer prior before being architect.

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