Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rendering and rendering: Competition and freelance

I think I kisiao recently, non stop rendering and rendering-for competition and freelance..
Anyway, I still like it..maybe this is my destiny.
I think my first rendering is just too bad in term of resolution. i can't imagine the reaction of the client when he looks at this.

The model is something like this, and hopefully I stil have time to modify it and take part in the competition.
The most 'dulan' thing is that i have to wait for 10 hours in order to complete the rendering where I just left 2 hours to submit the drawing.

This is not the first time, rushing for the submission, but this time I just feel like heart attack...
Is time for me to take a rest, because our life is short..


danielyen said...

wow..nice!is this photoshop?
r u 3d artist also?

Wallace Tan said...

Im architecture student. This is my freelance job and also competition entry.