Monday, December 15, 2008

Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra.

Yea.. I went to Malaysia philharmonic orchestra yesterday. This is my first time went to KLCC concert hall. Thank you Marc for the special seat.
In my first impression, the environment in the concert hall is surprisingly comfortable. The lighting effect on the ceiling create a romantic feel.
This time, the concert is conduct by Paul Goodwin with the flute soloist by Hitsto Dobrinov.
The whole programme consists of four classical songs which is Suite from Les Boreades, Flute Concerto in D minor, Suite from Semiramis and Symphony No. 99 in E flat.

The environment in the orchestra hall.
The handsome conductor.
Even though the songs are quite boring, but I'm really enjoy with the beauty of the sounds produce by the cello and flute.
The most interesting part of this concert is the timpani. The body language of the musician is really fantastic. Anyway, he has the most easy task in the whole concert.
For those who is interested for the classical music, this will be a great experience in KLCC.

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