Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day 6- A Movie Night

Jaipur- the pink city was founded in 1727 by

Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II , a Kachwaha Rajput, who ruled from 1699-1744. Initially his capital was Amber(city), which lies at a distance of 11 km from Jaipur. He felt the need of shifting his capital city with the increase in population and growing scarcity of water. Jaipur is the first planned city of India and the King took great interest while designing this city of victory. He consulted several books on architecture and architects before making the layout of Jaipur.

After the long journey from Agra, finally we reached Jaipur at 5.00pm. Since it is late, we decided to buy the bus ticket for next trip and looked at the suitable hotel.

Around 8.00pm, we were having our dinner in Rajdhani except Chin Keng. We have a luxury food tonight.

The luxury dinner

Raj Mandir Cinema

The number-one Hindi cinema in India, world famous Raj Mandir is an icon of Jaipur. Opened in 1976, the meringue-shaped auditorium is so ugly it’s almost beautiful, while the cream-puff exterior looks ready to orbit outer space. (From Lonely Planet).

Seriously, this is my first time walk into the traditional cinema. The interior is quite colorful with lots of decoration. This night, the only show is Ek Vivaah…aisa bhi *without subtitle. The price of the ticket is RS70- around RM 7. The most important is the storyline of the movie is simple and easily understand, but it took us 2 hours before the interval. Hence, we decided to go back because of the exhausted journey. Furthermore, chin Keng was uncomfortable because of the dirty food from the roadside hawker stall.

The entrance of the cinema.

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