Wednesday, July 8, 2009


ARCHIDEX is recognised as the region's annual premier exhibition for the architecture, interior design and building industry.
In this event, Bruce senior was asking for volunteer that willing to help. So, I accepted the invitation quickly. Due to this opportunity, I feel very lucky where I can join the event for free, having dinner with Han Tumertekin, Junya Ishigami and Roman Delugan.
Rather than that, I follow Kenneth and went to KLIA and looking for Winy Maas.
Finally, I meet an architect from Bangladesh at the end of the event.
This few days is just like what I experience in India...full with international and famous architects. Anyway, I think I need to do more practice in term of social technique.

Below are some of the presentation boards from the exhibition hall.

Sorry for the image quality. My photography skill is not good. Anyway, if anyone looking for a larger image, kindly leave a comment.

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