Friday, November 5, 2010

Throughout the year

Hello! Saxowall,

I went to lots of places with my new babe (D3000) throughout this year. It is kind of fantastic that I can capture every single moment in my lifetime. At the same time, I am growing up. From internship (torture by the Japanese guy), trips and final year studio, I start to look at the truth from my inner heart.

Recently, I read a diary from Frank Anne. I never realize that a diary could be so powerful and impressive. Just like Benjamin Button’s diary…record every single moment in their life. Fortunately, I have a camera to capture everything from my perspective. My writing skill is sucks..haha..

Thesis year is a peaceful year where there are only five world wars in a semester. Thanks to Sammy and Ming as well. Without your inspiration, my thesis would go smooth and steady. Talking about my friends, some of them are getting stubborn. Don’t you understand? Anyway, best friends are still around.

Again, I have lots of dreams that haven’t come true yet. I wish I can be selfish guy that can ignore all the responsibility and commitment. Feel sorry to my parents. I am not an ordinary guy that only thinking of money, big house and wife.

OK..I want to stop here, See you..

Intership in Singapore
The skyline of Clarke Quey
The Barrage
Mosque in Sri Lanka
Geoffrey Bawa's retreat house
Adam's peak
The nature of Sri Lanka
City Hall Penang
Night view from Xinyi's Condo
Sunset of Teluk Bungah

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