Monday, December 27, 2010

Thesis Year

Finally, this is my final year of architecture course in UTM. I finished my Thesis-Stage 1 last month. It was an incredible and yet horrible semester. I believe that most of the architecture student worries about their topic, critical thinking and final outcome. Anyway, what I can say is enjoy your topic, share your topic with your friends, try more experiment and do it regularly. Don’t put yourself in a selfish world and lock yourself in a tiny brain.

Talking about my thesis, it is an Ecumenical Centre in UTM- interreligious worship place towards a united and progressive community in Malaysia context. After all the researches and studies, I came out with three design approaches.

My first attempt

Mutation into second attempt

Final design..Anyway, this is just part of the imagination. I believe that I'm gonna to change all the design in Stage 2.

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