Saturday, January 1, 2011


HAITI HABITAT-The 5mx6m design proposal demonstrates a flexible unit design and the combination of six units to form a small community. Cooking, washing cloths and sanitary activities are located at the common area where the residents could share the same function. It is significant to encourage the existing sharing culture and social activities within the Haitian.

Each house is designed with a courtyard- a principle which is then extended to the site planning as well. The units are grouped around a hierarchy of open space and private area. (Living room and bedroom-Private; Internal courtyard- semi private; common area- open).The basic unit consists of living room and one bedroom. It can be easily expand to fulfill the different size of family in the future.

­ Recycled materials are used such as recycled plywood, plastic bottles and corggurated plastic roof. The half brick walls not only reduce the construction time but also avoid the deterioration of plywood. Plastic bottles are used to increase the ventilation of the house.

Water and Waste water Management:

The roof structure performs as a funnel to collect the rainwater into water tank located at the courtyard in each unit. After filtration, the water can be used for drinking, cooking and bathing. All waste water turn into grey water and it will be stored in the grey water tank. Grey water can be used for irrigation and flushing toilet. Finally, human excrement and crop’s waste will be collected to produce methane for spark-ignition engine. Spark-ignition could generate electricity that overcome the power supply issue.


Haitian art will be the source of inspiration for the wall design. The usage of recycled plastic bottles can be arranged according to their creativity to form a unique art work on the wall. At the same time, the plastic bottles act as a ventilation element as well.

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