Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 4- A disgusting journey

The scene from the train


Agra- a smelly and romantic city. Agra is romantic because of the unique Taj Mahal. Anyway, smelly due to the bad sewerage system.

We took train and depart from New Delhi to Agra. It took us four hours and this is the time where we experience the most famous train system in the world. I just wonder why this biggest railway station in India is so smelly. The human waste is dispose on the railway and the flies is searching for their lunch and dinner. Disgusting.

Second class sleeping seat is just another bad ventilation cubicle. Most of the facilities in India are not suitable for women due to the hygiene issue. Anyway, I can say this is the most memorable experience on public transport. Haha

Nothing much about today, just having dinner on the rooftop of the Hotel and looking at the Taj Mahal until late of night. Tomorrow will be the climate of the trip...which is Taj Mahal.

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haan said...

experienced the china train, but have not got the chance to step on india yet. it was very truly memorable to me too :)