Friday, March 20, 2009

India Again

Few weeks ago, I received another e-mail from IIT( Institute Tecnology of Rookees). I, with my group member, Ang Chiou Yann, had been short-listed in research station design challenge. This is another achievement besides Holcim Award. Sometimes, I just too ambitious without bother others feeling. I hope it doesn’t hurt anyone because I am still who am I.

There are two stages from this competition. We had been short-listed for the first stage. We are supposed to present our works in India this Friday. But due to the costly flight ticket, we decided to send the artwork to IIT. Still waiting for result……..

Stage 1

I have to reserve the copyright

Stage 2
- Where we suppose to go to IIT this friday. Anyway, I still satisfied with this group work with Chiou Yann. ( Nothing.....just co-operative...tat's all)

Someone will ask me..Why India again? I just don’t know…haha
Someone asked me....Where is your studio work? I just haven't start...
Give me energy...

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chun keat said...

wohoo ! nice project, good interpretation :)