Sunday, November 20, 2011

Life is Going On

Well, it is 5am now. I just came back from voon siew's lovely wedding. I wish my big day will come within 10 years. After graduate from UTM, my life is getting more and more challenging. For me, this is best achievement throughout the year. I never expect there are so many surprise in 2011. After the Haiti competition, i went through a dramatic transition in my life. Not only in term of life but also the way how I appreciate everything. Some people said the most you obtain, the more you affraid to lose. In my opinion, the more I have, the more things you need to explore, appreciate and enjoy.
Rather than that, I also won the besOt design award for UAC competition. Well, i am really excited about it. Finally, i did it. However, they are some lecturer from another uni critic on my drawing. I will take it as a very sincere comment and I will keep it up.
Rather than that, the most exicting part is I went to Europe. It is my dream! It is real!! I have to say thank you to the boss. He is so great. More photo will be upload soon. I used to write a journal after I came back from a trip. But the europe trip is too special, I might need some time to write the journal.
Finally, this is my first time finished a post while travelling. Really feel great about it. I have to always work hard and keep it up. By the way, i have to say thank you for all my friends. Hopefully US still not far away from me.


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