Thursday, July 17, 2008

First Day In P. Pinang

There is a long time I dint go to P.Pinang since I was standard 6. Today, again..I'm there to do my site analysis for my studio project.
We have departed at 6.30am morning. Urgh...Jimmy left his car's key in his car before we waiting the bus in our faculty.
There are my course mates, Yuveelai, Ujang, Balut and Ryan. Honestly,there are only 8 peoples in this large UTM bus and this is my most comfortable trip.
See, my course mates are in a sweet dream along the whole journey.
Of course, Pulau Pinang is nice place, full with chinese heritage elements, harmony and unique.
One of my course mate-Chin Keng, as a tour guide will show us where is the interesting places in Penang. Jimmy-as a mapper will guide us all the location of the places.
Before we go to penang, Jimmy has did some of the research about the accommodation. Finally, we all decided and sacrify my first night in BANANA GUEST HOUSE in Chulia Street.
OMG....this is my first time stay in guest house..not bad actually...jz
a little bit smelly in the room...
no toilet in tha room....
no TV...
and facing the main road....
Never mind....because it is cheap and the most important is I can online in the room. Yippi.
A classic timber louvers with the pigeon...just enhance the whole environment.

A view outside the window...Seriously, I hate the noise from Kedai Cermin Nam Kee.
Eeeeee..Eeeeeeee.cutting the glass...

Jimmy, chin keng and I walked around the place and tried to capture some nice photo. Even though I dint appear in the photo because I believe the photo can speak itself. One of the temple at the junction. Full with decoration...amazing..
Not only that, the back lane between two houses is so neat and clean..
This will be never happen in my home town..KL
Try to imagine the KL rubbish lane.....urgh...
Some softcapes and hardcapes create a ideal combination in architecture urban design.
How come I dint see this in Pudu Raya?...sad.

There are many shophouses houses in Buckingham street and Pintal Tali road.
Somehow, I found some interesting decoration in the corner of the temple.
This is my first day trip.... Tomorrow, I will be going to the site and do the analysis..
Have to sleep now...

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