Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I know that is a long time I dint write a post...Im damn busy with the assignment, presentation and studio.. But, there is one subject which is quite interesting for me..research on a Malay house.
Now, since my group members finished the drawings already, it is a great time for me to do a model. Some of the people will think that I was the crazy people to do this kind of model...
waste money, wasting time and wasting material..
Anyway, for me is fun, interesting and amazing..

First, what you have to do is prepare a transparent color paper and soft board..
(if you want to try la)...

Cut, paste and make sure all the works are neat.

Waiting for the inspiration.

The most difficult part of this model is I have to reduce the thickness of the soft board.
Nothing much, just be more patient..

Den Den Den Den

Look at the screen.,..,., OMG.. stil have a lot to go...
I spend one hour for each component...

This is the pelarai...this will be more crazy...I have to divide the thickness of the soft
board into 3 parts..

Here is the final product for the two components..

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