Sunday, July 20, 2008

My last day in Penang

Today is the last day in Penang. Can't wait to explore more place.
The lily that I showed two days ago.... I'm sure "time can proof everything".
This morning, we went to the Khoo Kongsi, Sun Yat Sen house and some art galleries.
Around afternoon, we decided to go to Queensbay Mall..
Since we have do so much work, it is time for us to shopping.

Here it is...Queensbay mall...Honestly, it has some similarity with Mid Valley..
Again, this is one of the successful shopping mall..full with people, the space is confusing enough..
and the most important is...toilet-FOC.

The steel structure in the lobby..

The glass on the wall create a natural lighting to the shopping mall.

Between, my friend is helping his ****friend cleaning the bird's shit.

I having my lunch in Nando with Chin keng and jimmy. Actually, this is my second time having a meal in Nando.. I like the chicken peri-peri..
The sauce is quite special hot peri-peri, Mild peri-peri, Tomato and garlic flavour.

Some of the decoration in the Nando restaurant.

Jimmy- a cute and funny guy...

Yea...this is my delicious meal with corn and potato..After I get the salary from nuffnang, I will try to belanja someone..hehe.

Penang free school, one of the famous school in Penang.

In the evening, we meet the real cendol guy...yea. Penang road chendol...
Remember, if you have chance to go to Penang, try this...

This is my last dinner in Penang- Lok bak. Between, I ate wan tan mee also..

Lastly, I drink one glass of fresh milk in the mamak stall...
Good night..

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