Thursday, July 3, 2008

Stupid Internet Explorer

Today, I saw some bloggers have complained about the stupid IE:

-So apparently, this template is all wonky in Explorer on Windows, with text disappearing into the margins etc, even though it looks fine in every other f***king browser. I only discovered this when viewing it from a PC on campus.

-IE suffers quite a bit from the tendency to notify the users of various things via an OK-button-only MessageBox. Even worse, many of those dialogs have clunky messages, no help links, and "Never show me this again" checkboxes.

-Microsoft unvelied today their plans to include anti-malware protection on their IE8 browser.

This should sound like good news but when you give it a little bit more thought, thinkgs are not as pleasing. Let’s begin with that the appreance of such a vast array of malware is probabbly Micorosft’s fault since they have always developed software with incredible security holes and then take enormous amount of time to create patches to fix them.

But as you keep reading this article courtesy of Cnet, you realize that all they are doing is adding more warnings when you try to do stuff. This means that I will have to click twice, three times or even more just to get the computer to download something or to perform an action I want it to do just as they have been doing with Vista.

Seriously Micrososft, coming up with a Security measure that mainly focus on the user clicking on a yes button is pretty lame
-I've had a worse problem than this in the past - with Internet Explorer refusing to load at all on a live web server, as it had been updated and the machine had not been rebooted - rather an issue when most of the monitoring and configuration tools on the server are browser hosted...

So am I,

Having serious problem in IE is not a new topic. I'm so surprise when I saw my layout in IE where firefox doesn't show any problem with that.. Is it because IE cannot support my layout or my layout's html fault?
My layout's left column is totally disappear and all my posts are hide at the down part of my blog.. Are you shy to show off youself?

I need some expert to help frustrated...

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