Friday, July 18, 2008


Today is the second day I stay in Penang. I woke up at 8.30am this morning.. No mood to start the site analysis at all. Jimmy, Chin keng and I have to start our work today..
First, we took bus and went to KOMTAR and looking for JUPEM( Jabatan Ukur Dan Pemetaan Malaysia) to buy a plan of our site.
Before this, Chin Keng brings us to the famous Chendol stall for our breakfast.

After ate the chendol, all of us shared the laksa in a kopitiam. The stupid tauke force us to buy a drink ...If not, he will charge us RM0.50.

After having the breakfast, we went to the main office inside the KOMTAR. The building is quite impress for me. Eventhough the building is quite old already, but the concept of ventilation, natural lighting and space planning are perfect.

Eat again...
After we took the plan from JUPEM, we took bus and go to our site..somewhere around Gurney drive. Since there is lunch hour, we just spend some time in mamak's stall.
Not bad..and quite cheap.
Before we reach the site, we have some great time in the temple around that area.
The decoration in that building really fantastic.

Here, our site, jz between the high rise and the sea. Fantastic. Our project is have to design a international art school in this area.
Some building around the site...give me some inspiration

Social activity in the seaside. Actually, I'm not sure what is he doing at...looking for gold?

A scary doll with sad expression reflect the life of the fisherman here...i think

Let me tell you what is useless decoration. Two big steel arch rod put on the pedestrian bridge just have to show the aesthetic of his/her design. Waste money!

One of the high class private condominium around the site.

At the way back to guest house, I saw a beautiful church along the road site.
Today is a tired day, have to sleep soon.
Chin Keng went back to Butterworth..
Jimmy meet his friends...
And I spend a splendid night to write my post...I love Penang's food

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phingy said...

actually the useless brigde that you meant was supposed to look like a butterfly. the two big steels are its wings , LOL

they call it the Butterfly Bridge or something like that.

i think it looks cute actually. LOL