Saturday, June 28, 2008

Blogger new revolution- Hire me

Still need to work until late of the night?
Or, need to find a part time job during the holiday? Finding money for your school fees, petrol money?

Busy until need to eat fast food and continue your work inside your car?

Forget about it… There is something more interesting way to earn money if you are a blogger.

Let me introduce payperpost (PPP), a fantastic new idea to help the bloggers to choose their favorite interest and write about it. Advertisers will create an opportunities and looking for the feedback from the blogger. If the blogger feel comfortable with the topic, accept the opportunity and write a post with the given topic.

Now what?.. Waiting for approval and get pay. You can do this in your home, school or even in your nice vacation.

I found this opportunity in one of the blogger post. How nice with this great deal since my blog is worth nothing. This is my pleasure to share this great news to all my friends and my blog’s visitor.

At first, just login to payperpost website, follow the simple steps, get the code and start you own blogging adventure. You can set your minimum payment for your each post as well.

Don't disturb me now..ok? I'm doing my latest post and earn money for my next semester.

Do you know what?This post worth $20. Sounds interesting?
You know what have to do now….

word of mouth ethics

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