Friday, June 27, 2008

Rotating Skyscaper

Have you wonder what is the feeling if you live in a rotating skyscraper?
The ’tower in motion’ is a revolutionary project based on “Dynamic Architecture”, a new concept introduced by Florentine architect David Fisher. The project has generated considerable interest all over the world even before its launch, as a trend-setting architecture.

Dubai will be home to this revolutionary architecture in all sense as the pre-fabricated units for the tower will be produced in a facility set up in Jebel Ali. These units will then be shipped to 11 other major cities including Moscow, Milan, New York and Tokyo where similar towers will come up following Dubai.

Each floor of the tower will consist of 12 modules that will arrive at the job site completely finished and with electrical, plumbing as well as air-conditioning systems ready for use. The modules will then be mechanically assembled at the rate of one floor every seven days.

But that's not all. The tower is also a “green” building that generates electricity for itself and five other equivalent buildings. The secret is 48 wind turbines mounted horizontally between one floor and the next, and the photovoltaic cells located on the roofs of the individual apartments. Never before has a building been designed to produce so much more energy than it consumes.

Since such features calls for a high level of integration between concept, design, planning, manufacturing of components and construction, many of the world’s leading companies and professionals have been contracted for this project. Some of these companies, though globally renowned and trusted in their core area of expertise, are working in a construction-related project, and that too an integrated one, for the first time, since they are aware that this is going to be the future of architecture.

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