Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Ever encounter a whole lot of people doing something weird in the middle of the street for a short while?

This is called Flash Mob.

Flash as in: very short time; quick as lightning…

Mob as in: a large and unruly crowd people…

There are a lot of people organizing for flash mobs whole around the world. Check this out:

Back in KL itself, there are also a few been organized rite?

Here’s a recap:

And there’s one’s coming up too!

To promote more on Mister Potato contest, we came out with a gameplan for Nuffnang. This idea is actually contributed by Joyce, our leader.

Organizing a flashmob with Mister Potato.

Imagine this: Hundreds of people wearing white shirts (any t-shirt, as long as white), take out one or two Mister Potato can(s), and shake it twice (Shake before consume. Wahaha…), then open up the lids, take out a pile of Mister Potato chips and CHOMP LOUDLY! All will be done at the same time. Then close the lids, and disperse quickly as if nothing happens.

How’s the sound of that?

Requirement for the flash mob:

1. Wear white T-shirt/shirt/jersey

Bring a watch or handphone, sync it just exactly like the clock above before leaving for the flash mob, this is because flash mob is about time. Everyone has to do the same thing at the same time!

2. Bring Mister Potato Products – LIMITED EDITION 165gram can pack

3. Location: KLCC Park

Or, u DO have any other suggestions? Do tell us, people!

Or, u can choose from the poll there at the side bar!

So that we can make it more interesting! It would be nicer if we have Mister Potato product in hand!

What’s more? Local celebrities will be invited to join the flash mob. Won’t it be fun to join flash mob with your favourite celebrities?

Let me remind once again, in order to win the contest which “SNACK YOUR WAY TO TRAFFORD!”, participants have to collects LIMITED EDITION 165gram can pack just look like below…

which comes along with
a red seal rather than black.

And collect them as MANY as u can! DO TAKE NOTE OF THAT!

Or u may just click HERE for more information.


If want to join the Flash mob, the SEAL will be used for REGISTRATION and head count of the event. Hehe.

So, do contact the event coordinator: Joyce for more information

Or, anyone of us:

Ken: The Assistant Coordinator & Host

Darren, Chze Hong and myself Wallace: Registration

Sharon: The head counter.

Let’s CHOMP away with MISTER POTATO in FLASH together!!!

visit the website to get more information.


boon85 said...

Hmmm, i think the idea about flash mob is quite good. This is because all the ppl unite together to stop and spend some of their ''busy walking time'' to enjoy this delicious snack even on the middle of the street..

Jimmy said...

wow! i missed the last flashmob in pavilion. will wana try this out if there is a chance!! way to go...

Wallace Tan said...

So, hope can meet you all if this function can be held.

aPriL said...

ya,do tell me when also kay!muz msg to my phone to remind me!
i was actually there at pavilion workin...saw so many ppl wif their SLR pro camera everywhr lurking around and snappin everyone...u shud try havin it at both pavilion and klcc park!juz incase some who miss it at klcc,they can join the day at pavilion o sumthin! =p
btw,can i join the committee too? =p

Wallace Tan said...

You are welcome can be my committee..yeah...I hv one more assistant...

NicoleACY said...

*Freeze... (1..., 2..., 3...) :P
Flash mob sounds fun lo... Really wish can participate one once! :)