Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ugly Cookies....Yeah

This is a wonderful saturday. I went to Tesco, Kajang with my mother as usual. And this is what I bought today..Butter Cookies Mix.
I love bakery, but the problem is I hate to buy the ingredients like baking powder, Soda, Bicarbonate and Starch...Blar blar....Adjust the ratio of each ingredient some more(-....-).
Fortunately, I have instant cookies time and the taste also not bad.
This time, most of the cookies is made for my course mate that helped me a lot...
( Jm, Jy, Hc, Nacy, Jean, Wc...)

Here is my mother's oven...I think some of the people never see this robot before...
For your information, this machine is older than me..20++..
Even though this machine quite lousy and not advance as modern brand , but the special of this machine is- each cookies will taste lovely and memorable.. ( a taste of my childhood where my mother always use this machine to bake sponge cake).

This time, i try to use some 'weapon' to produce a better appearance. This is due to the last cookies that I made during Chinese New Year...look like 'Shit'.. Anyway, this is a great experience that I can make a better cookies with my girl friend next time..hehe

Ingredients for the cookies this time:
Nona instant baking powder,
2 eggs,

Here is the peanut..

First, mix the eggs with 150g soften butter.

Add the cookie powder in the mixture slowly and stir it until all the ingredients mix well.

Ok, now start to modeling..Omg....bad design... Make sure all the cookies look similar.
Seriously, I failed.. Anyway, better than last time..

My 'beautiful' cookies will take 20 minutes and turn to golden brown in the preheated robot.
200 degrees Celsius is needed.

Yeah, some of the weird cookies..haha..
Honestly, the cookies really taste friends, is time for you to proof it.. I will bring a lot lot of cookies to UTM on this coming sunday..

Now what? Clean all the stuff...
Great...thanks mum...

Enjoy a tea time with me..perhaps?
My favorites combination, cocktail and cookies...
Can't wait? Be my girl friend..Ceh...

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Jimmy said...

i've seen the 'robot' before. hehe. mum also has one at home. can't wait to mum mum... =p