Monday, June 2, 2008


Project Trafford is one of the Nuffnang’s Top Secret campaign for Mister Potato. The mission of this project is to promote Mister Potato’s contest. If you are a football fever, do not miss this chance to win a free trip to old Trafford, home of the Red Devils, Manchester United- England.

Project Trafford is a group work. Hence, we have to work with a famous blogger and the stranger which is the interesting part of this project. There are one leader and five group members in each group.
In order to introduce my group members, I would like to descript them due to my first impression. Since the project is related to Mister Potato, hence I would like to introduce them by Mister Potato’s yummy flavour.

Hot and Spicy- She is attractive and elegant

She is our group leader. Welcome Joyce, at
The first impression about her is through my friend’s blog. I am so excited and this is my pleasant to work with her.

Tangy Lemon- He is Young and Emotional

Darren- the youngest in our group. He is the first person that I chat with him in MSN and discuss about the competition. Even though I never meet this guy, but in my first impression, he is an emotional people. Why I say so? This is due to our conversation in MSN and some of the post in his blog. Anyway, he is a talented person just like the poster that I make for him. Welcome Darren at

BBQ- I am Patient and Artistic

I choose BBQ favour to descript me because patient is needed to produce this favour. I like to do handicraft and rendering during the free time. The first impression about me from the others is artistic. Saxophone is my favourite music instument, hence that is the best poster to represent my sceret appearance.
Sour Cream and Onion- He is Appetizer and Dessert
He is so delicious. Login This is my first impression. Not only that, I think he is friendly man. He is so kind to intoduce the delicious food to his friends. Fell free to find out this secret man in his blog when you are hungry.

Tomato- He is so Sweet and Caring

In my first impression, he makes me confuse. Why? At first, I thought the blogger is she, but the information that I received is he. Finally, I realize that the ‘she’ is his girlfriend,Carol who is another contributor to the blog. That is so sweet where someone can contribute something with their lover. Hence, this secret guy is so romantic. Welcome Chze Hong, at

Original- She is Silent and Harmony

She is special

Moon, worn thin to the width of a quill,

In the dawn clouds flying,

How good to go, light into light, and still

Giving light, dying.

This is my first impression about her. Welcome this secret girl, Sharon

Taste Mister Potato now

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NicoleACY said...

Wah... Not bad wo... Can have the chance to work with pros. Hehe. Jia you oh!!