Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Sister's Album

Finally, my sister allowed me to put her photo in my blog. Actually she has almost 100++ photo in my computer, but I only choose some of them. She likes the 1st photo very much and she has a large one in her room.

Actual fact, I look exactly different from my sister. Most of the people will say why my sister looks pretty and the opposite reflect on my face. (no handsome enough). But, who cares..haha.
Some of the chinese will say " Daughter should more prettier than mother, Son should more clever than father.

I modified some of the photo and make it more dramatic.

An Egyptian style? Very photogenic.

Actually, I like this photo very much..Maybe she looks more graceful in this photo.

In fact, she is my good sister. She 'sponsor' and contribute a lot of things in family. Sometimes, she solve my financial problem also..Hehe. Thanks.. my lovely sister.


Jimmy said...

cute..! her bf must be very lucky =)

Wallace Tan said...

Haha...You like it sing ning

NicoleACY said...

Beautiful man...