Thursday, May 22, 2008

My music

Music.. Starting from secondary school, I learn some music instrument already. I joined many school activities that time, but chinese orchestra is my favourite society. In that society, I learn a music instrument called Erhu ( chinese violin).

Not only that, I also learn cello and double bass as well. That is my great experience and it will always imprint in my memory. I still remember my friends and I joined the competition last time. Eventhough we never won the prize before but the most important is the co-operation between our members.

After I enter university, I lost my way... What should I join in order to continue my favourite hobby. Until this semester, I joined the orchestra for my co-curriculum. I learn saxophone this time. At the same time, I learn violin with my roommate- jimmy also.

At the end of the semester, I was invited to join the U-team orchestra. For sure, I will start my pratice next semester. Haha..I will continue to learn saxophone anyway.. But the price for a saxophone is too expensive. Im not afford to buy it...haha.. I hope the society got extra tenor saxophone la....

This is the Erhu ( chinese violin ). I took the grade 4 test before. Really fun.

Harmonica also one of the music instrument that I learn during my secondary school. Harmonica is one the good instrument that can control our respiration system( inhale and exhale).

This is the violin that borrowed from my lecturer.
This is a keyboard that my sister bought. She learn it one year ago. Between, I learn two songs already.


Janette Tang said...

Hie Hie!!!

I have been thinking for so long to fihure out who you are. And if i've not mistaken, Choon
Wah des???


sook yee

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NicoleACY said...

Hey, u look handsome in that pic lah... Photoshop skill really not bad wo... :P

Wallace Tan said...

Haha..photoshop can cover my urgly face as well...haha