Thursday, May 29, 2008


Surprise!! I'm not a girl...

Let me introduce my book first, I received this book since form 5. Between, this is my drawing competition's present..Yea..

In this book, Stella Edwards presents the embroiderer with a stunning collection of 20 needlepoint cushions in varying shapes and size.
This book also opens with comprehensive section on materials, basic stitch techniques and making-up instruction.
Good for the beginner like me...hehe

In this book, I found out a very interesting design.. called William Morris Cushion
This design was inspired by one of William Morris' most popular textile design, Strawberry Thief, printed in about 1883.
William Morris was a poet, painter, philanthropist and designer who died in 1896. Virtually single-handedly he changed British taste from the dark clutter of the Victorian period to the fresh, flowing lines of the Arts and crafts movement which then evolved into the Art Nouveau style.
He was very much against the use of the crude chemical dyes of the time and experimented with historic dyes to create the strong, subtle and resonant colours that are now associated with William Morris- especially the colour indigo which took him a decade to perfect.

Between, I just need to follow the chart to work the design. Starting from the middle, use half cross stitch throughout.

This is my fovourite color combination. Actually I din't follow the exactly the colour codes that shown in the book.

This is the part that I spend most of the time and this is the time that train my patience.
Remember: press the embroidery on the back with a hot steam iron over a damp cloth and gently pull it back into shape.

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