Monday, May 19, 2008


This is a layout that I did before my birthday. There is a meaning of this picture and also represent my wish for my 2008 birthday.

Thanks for all the friends that called me that day. Actually I'm quite touch when i received a call from my form 5 friends. I feel sorry for them because I cannot remember even one of the date of their birthday. They are my true friends. No secret and no hypocrite.

I spend the my whole afternoon in one of the restaurant and sharing our stories. Most of them have a career already while I'm still study 'hard' and fight for the stupid 'result'. But, seriously, i never regret of studying this course-architecture. I learn so much and have a great time with some friends that come from different state with various culture.

At the same, I lost the time. The time for my favourite activity- drawing. I joined a lot of drawing competition since I was young but normally there is not much of prize that I won before.
Honestly, I'm still love to draw. These are some of my artwork - between form 5 and form 6.

I like this animate so much... Sailormoon. Don't know why...
I think i will send this drawing to my friend that get marry soon...Haha..Congratulation.

This is favourite artwork so far... This is the first animate that help me memorise all the name of the planets...

A sketch

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