Sunday, May 18, 2008


When I look at the Sichuan news everyday, I feel sorry to hear about the increasing number of people died and injured. Since I can't contribute anything so far, I would like to use my creation to send my condolence and regret to all the victims.
Im quite admire for those who can create an interesting things. For example: I like the Martha Stewart show very much. Seriously, she can do so many fantastic artwork. She is my what im doing now.
Now, I would like to introduce my creation- handmade roses. There are many ways to do a paper rose, but i found a new method and it is simple to do. Try it now......

You need to prepare some material for this paper art:
1. Double side tape
2. Green sticky tape ( can buy from most of the art centre)
3. Green wire (25Psc x 36cm) code: SWG 22
4. A cardboard ( 7.5 x7.5 cm)
5. Some artificial accessories ( leaf, berries)
6. Colour paper ( any color that you think suitable)
Try to feel the papers have this propotion
Hardness : Softness
Try to feel the texture of the paper also.
7. Needle

This is the example of the berries that I bought from Petaling Street, Malaysia. Not so expensive. Around RM10 for 30 units ( 3 years ago). Haha.

First, start with the cardboard. ( 7.5 X 7.5cm)

Draw a four petals flower shape. Each petal should be equivalent.

Cut it... as a mould of the roses

Prepare one piece of symmetry color paper that can fix with four pieces of the mould.

Fold the color paper nicely. Trace the flower shape on the back of the color paper.

Cut it and this should be what you have now.

Make a hole in the middle of the shape and ready to use.

Take a green wire.

Make this in one side of the wire. This shape is use to stabilize and support the base of the rose.

Put the first layer of the rose in the green wire. Stick the patels and the green wire together.

Follow this step carefully. The is the most important step of making rose. Twist the petal one by one into the middle. Each petal is in the overlapping condition.

Make it closer as what I shown in the picture.

Stick the petal by using double side tape. Make sure your work is neat and try to avoid someone can see your double side tape. You can use the paper glu also. But i prefer using this double side tape- faster and clean.

Put a double side tape at the centre of the second layer of the rose.

Put the second layer inside the green wire again. Stick the middle of the layer at the base of the first layer.

Put a double side tape at the side of each petal. Stick the petal side by side.

Your work should be look like this now. Make a little curve at the border of each petal by using pencil or needle. Feel the shape of the real rose.

Repeat the same proses for third layer.

Now, you can continue or stop at this step. If you want to stop at this step, the rose is smaller.

If you want to continue, add one more layer. Remember to put a double side tape at the middle at each layer so that each layers are stick together.

There is a different at this layer compare to the previous one. The double side tape should put at the middle at the petal. Then stick the petal to the previous layer...not side by side.

Yeah... The rose complete already.If you cannot get this shape, no worries, more pratice..make perfect.

Now, put some decoration..make it more interesting.

Put some leaves.

Adjust until the most suitable position...

Use the green sticky tape and fix the position of your accessories.

LIke this....

Final product.
Sorry for the picture that i took for this creation- blur ...haha
Im not a good photographer...
Kindly leave a comment......You are welcome to do so...Thx


peiyee said...

hey.. very talented in handicraft! .. very sweet rose there.. ;)

Wallace Tan said...

thx o..I like to do handicraft..

Anonymous said...

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