Monday, May 26, 2008

My new laptop

Finally, I have my own laptop. Before this, Jimmy accompany with me and went to low yat to do some surveying. Actually, I have no idea how to start and choose the most suitable laptop. Fortunately, Jimmy helps me a lot. Thanks ya..hehe

I search some of the model in the Internet already, i think Dell is my first choice. But, if there is a more suitable brand, then it will become one of my consideration also.

Below are some of the model that I took with my camera during the surveying.....Both of this also not bad but I prefer the Dell inspiron 1420. The spec and the aesthetic value of that model actually almost fulfill my requirement...sounds like doing project. But I'm looking for a wider screen.

Nowadays, everyone can buy a good laptop with a low price.

If I buy this model, it will cost me RM2800.

Finally, I bought my laptop yesterday..Yeah.. This model is Dell inspiron i1525..almost same with inpiron 1420 but with a wider screen and higher spec. Let me introduce my laptop..
Intel Centrino Core 2 Duo (T5750) 2.0 GHz
160Gb Hard disk Drive
15.4" screen..haha
Webcam, Bluetooth,DVD RW, Card reader, Wireless, McAfree 15 months, 3 years warrantly, A bag worth RM300, and remote control.

The whole package is RM2999. the most special about Dell laptop is the color of the design and it also can use the mobile phone's sim card to online ( overseas only).

Yea...This is my green apple color laptop. I will bring my laptop to Negeri Sembilan and doing my measure drawing.

This is the design of the keyboard and 15.4" wide screen.

Let me tell you why I choose spring green....
Black: Too bored and normal
White: Too easy to get dirt
Chocolate and Yellow: Out of stock ( So weird....shitty color out of stock)
Dark blue: Same as Black color
Red and Pink: Too sissy...
Spring green: My last choice...Haha...actually no bad la...


Jimmy said...

yeah!! Way to go... can watch *ehem*..movies ady =)

Wallace Tan said...

yea..."movie" with sing ning