Monday, May 26, 2008

Bandar Mahkota Cheras Saga

Cheras saga continues- toll operator vows to rebuild the concrete barricade to block a toll-free access road to the Cheras-Kajang Highway in Bandar Mahkota Cheras.

Notice is hereby given that the company will be constructing the barricade this week,” said Grand Saga’s executive director Zainal Abidin Ali in a terse press statement.

Honestly, I'm the resident of Bandar Mahkota Cheras. This news is **** to me...seriously.. I'm so disappointed. Since the BMC area is part of state land, Selangor goverment had questioned Grand Saga's right in erecting the barrier.

I suffer for 2 years. Try to imagine I have to take one and a half hour bus's journey to KL everyday..( not include waiting time- mostly one hour or more..). That is impossible for us stay in BMC without home car.. Even though we have the car, but we need to pay for two tolls everyday in order to work in KL. Let me show the calculation -
0.9 + 1.00= 1.9
1.9 x 2 = 3.8 (per day)
3.8 x 30days = RM 114 (per car)

Without the toll in BMC
RM 1.00
1.00 x 2 = 2.00 (per day)
2.00 x 30days=RM 60

RM114-RM 60= RM54!

Grand Saga mention before, if we want to use that road, they will build a toll on that road. THIS WILL BECOME THE FIRST CASE that a Taman has a toll in the entrance. I just wonder where is the human right.

Zainal Abidin said the court, in throwing out the injunction, had noted that Grand Saga has the right to build a barricade “within its indisputable concession area”.

“Members of the public are advised to respect the decision of the court,” he warned.

I really hope that this case will be settle soon... Don't be childish to saying something useless.

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